Monday, April 14, 2008


We're officially out of the house in Mountain View and have traveled with our cats 10 miles to a hotel in San Jose. We have many people to thank for this achievement:

  • Our fabulous friends, who packed everything we wanted to keep, and taught us that plastic wrap is an invaluable moving aid.
  • The same friends, who hauled our unwanted stuff to the curb/their houses/garage sales and otherwise just made it disappear.
  • All the people who stop in the street when they see a "Free" sign.
  • The people of Senegal, who took everything we had, no matter how broken, and then sent a representative back on Sunday to see if we had anything else.
  • The Junk General, who recycles thing that even the Sengalese ladies didn't want.
  • Mark and his team from Above and Beyond, who are masters at Tetris-fu.
  • Gloria and Nandi, who kept our house liveable, and then made it look like no one ever lived there.
  • Our cats, who are busy exploring the hotel room (when not hiding under the bed. )


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