Tuesday, May 13, 2008


They bark! A lot! Apparently they don't like it when their humans leave them alone. Wusses.

And they poop in the grass. Which is not the right place at all. Don't they know about litter boxes? Grass is for eating, not for pooping. Litter boxes are for pooping! It's much easier for humans to clean up. I mean, have you seen these people? They just reach down, while it's still warm! I'm glad I'm not a dog.

My humans did let me go out for a run in the hallway today. That was scary. I couldn't find our door, and she just kept chasing me! Thank goodness I can run fast. You never know what these humans are going to do. But it was okay in the end--I found our door, which was open, and I ran under the bed with Bayla. And then he came and made sure I was okay. But I've forgiven her now.

Since then, I have not tried to go close to the door. It's better to stay home where you're safe! I guess that's why they put strings on dogs. Just in case they freak out.

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