Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Night Only

We drove through four states today: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Tonight we're staying in Blytheville, AR, and tomorrow we drive the rest of the way up to Illinois, where we'll be attending D's Little Sister Kendra's graduation from NIU on Saturday.

Our iPods have helped maintain our sanity on these long drives. Today, we finished the American Gods audio book, caught up on a few podcasts (Penny Arcade, This Week In Science, SModcast, Coverville), and listened to Neil Gaiman read his short story "A Study in Emerald." Tomorrow we'll start the It's Superman! audio book.

There are frogs outside our motel room, but so far, Quality Inn is much nicer than Motel 6, and not too much more expensive. Wi-Fi works, and the bed rests on a closed wooden frame, so the cats can't actually hide under it at all. They seem to be dealing pretty well.

Dinner tonight: McDonald's.


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