Monday, June 23, 2008


It rained yesterday. It wasn't the dripping-sky kind of rain that we get at home. It was a big CURTAIN of water that started with a big lightning flash and some thunder!

The humans in the pool all came stampeding out. It was fun to watch them! Then they all went away, and I only had the curtain of water to watch. That wasn't so interesting. I got bored and took a nap on top of the playpen.

When the humans came home, I could tell that they had gotten caught in the rain. They smelled like all the things the water dripped off--dusty canvas, trees, brick buildings, even sky. I rolled around on their clothes to pick up all the smells.

These smells are interesting, but I like animal smells the best! The humans visited a horse, some chickens, some pigs, and some sheep. Except for the horse, I've smelled all these animals before.

Visit different animals, humans!

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