Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Worldcon Plans

Curious about what we'll be doing for the next five days? D and I have drawn up our Denvention Schedule (subject to change without notice) on a shared Google Spreadsheet.

Click over to the "Panel Selection" tab to see our work--we started by making a grid of everything either of us had any interest in, then went through and rated our interest level for each thing. Finally, we averaged those scores and revisited any time slots where we had ties. Red text on the final schedule indicates a potential conflict.

I know, it's all very exciting.

We're going to bring lots of snacks, but we'll also have to find time to squeeze in a few actual meals at some point. 'cause we're sure not getting our energy back from resting. (With apologies to Larry Niven: Food * Sleep = Constant.)


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