Monday, May 26, 2008

I guess cats can get used to anything.

By my count, we've been in at least a dozen mini-houses since this whole thing started. I can't say that I much care for the transfer from mini-house to car, but even the drive is not so bad. Jasper and I get to look out the window and smell interesting things. Then I take several naps.

I get awfully thirsty, though. I wish she wouldn't keep tapping that plastic bottle in our carrier and then rubbing wet fingers near my mouth. Doesn't she know that I'd like a drink? Touching my face with wet fingers when there isn't any water is kind of cruel. But at least we get plenty of water when we finally reach the next mini-house.

Positive reinforcement at the mini-house seems to be having its benefits as well. The humans have been letting us settle into the mini-houses for longer stretches now. They have also been conscientious about not letting any more unsupervised strange people into our presence.

I'm continuing positive reinforcement by coming out from under the bed whenever they are in the mini-house. I give the humans lots of attention and even lie on the bed with them until they fall asleep each night. If they keep up the good work, we might just make it through this trip without anyone getting hurt after all.

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