Friday, June 13, 2008


The human have been bad lately. Very, very bad!

First, they put nasty-smelling stuff on Bayla and me. It takes a LOT for a cat to think stomething smells bad, but this stuff stank. It was worse than lemons, oranges and mint mixed together, with a little taste of bug spray just to make things more awful.

Even worse, the humans put that reeking stuff on the backs of our necks! We couldn't reach it to clean it off. And it started to spread all over us almost immediately. I tried to rescue Bayla by licking it off. The taste was worse than the smell! I had to stop and spit it out. Then we both got washed all over with a wet towel. The smell went everywhere.

If that wasn't bad enough, they wasted all our time in this mini-house. There's nothing out the window except a parking lot. And there aren't even any cars in it! If there were cars, at least I'd get to see some new humans every now and then. I had to resort to watching Animal Planet.

The humans were gone forever each day and didn't even come back with any interesting smells! They smelled like the same dozen humans and four dogs every day. For days and days! I've smelled plenty of dogs since we've been on this trip. I don't need to smell any more.

Today, the humans were very very very bad. They let half a dozen of those other humans into our mini-house! And then they brought Bayla and me out from under the bed so those new humans could look at us. It was awful. I had to crawl under the blankets just so I could feel safe. Even when they came back, it was still scary. I crawled back under the blankets after we ate.

And then they let those humans into our mini-house again! At least I was under the blankets. I could pretend that the humans petting me were my own. It was pretty awful.

Bad humans! Bad!

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