Saturday, June 7, 2008

This diet is awful.

First there's not enough food. Then there's too much of it, and it's almost all bad.

Long before we started traveling from mini-house to mini-house, the humans were very troubled about my weight. Every week, I'd get put on the scale and she'd be upset about it. We went through a variety of unpleasant foods before settling on one I was willing to eat. She never gave us enough of it. Every morning, Jasper and I had to stand on the bed, calling her and tapping at her face until she finally got up to feed us.

We went through this every single morning. You'd think she would have learned, but that's humans for you.

Now that we're traveling, however, she gives us plenty of food. There's still not enough of the crunchy food, but more than enough of the mushy, strong-smelling meatlike substance.

Now, whenever I get weighed on the scale, she keeps putting me in front of the dish of meat-mush. For days afterward, she's constantly waking me up to bring me to the dish of mush. It's as if she doesn't believe that I can smell it. Humans may not have any sense of smell, but trust me; I can smell the meat-mush even after they've washed the dish and put the remains through the growler in the kitchen sink.

It's a strong smell. If I wanted to eat it, I'd go over to the dish on my own. But I didn't want it. I even decided to fast for a day. That was a bad idea. She completely overreacted and is feeding me a watery chicken pudding.

It's awful stuff. Jasper and I refused to eat it when she put it in the dish. Now I get fed like a human baby. I've been spitting it out like a human baby too.

Passive resistance is going nowhere, and I can't just ignore this behavior. I hate to resort to drastic measures again, but the humans are really slow. If she tries to feed me after tomorrow's weighing, I may just have to draw some blood.

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At June 15, 2008 at 9:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Bela,

This is Alexandra's cat Olive. Remember me? I lived with you for a month but I wouldn't come out of my shell (let alone my pup tent) so I went back to live with Alexandra. I always thought you were kinda interesting, and I think I might have warmed up to the big humans in time, they sure were nice. But you know, Alexandra says I'm a "glass is 1% empty" kinda gal and I guess, I've always been a scaredy-cat. No pun intended.

So anyway, I got sick a couple of years ago and A'a gave me this stuff called A/d. It's prescription-only and has to come from a vet but I gotta tell you, it's the feline version of kitty pate de foie gras. Love me some of that stuff. You ought to try it!

At June 23, 2008 at 7:22 AM , Blogger Bayla said...

Hi Olive,

I think I remember you. You're that cat who came to visit after Amber went away, right? You stayed under the bed whenever the humans were home, and most of the time when they weren't.

At first, I was not too happy with you; you claimed the best territory in my house. I had to make do with the top of the bed. But I was glad that you came. I was kind of lonely. I missed Amber.

When Amber was sick, we both got to try some of that A/D. Neither one of us liked it. I only like the stinky-meat wet food when it's mixed with tuna.

Your visit ended well. Jasper joined us after you left. I'm never lonely now. He's very snuggly, when he's not biting somebody.


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