Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cool House Rock

Quick post before bed... We visited the House on the Rock today, and weren't nearly finished when they closed at 6pm. My camera batteries died about an hour before then, because I'd taken so many pictures. (Note to self: recording videos draws a lot more power than taking still photos. BRING BACKUP BATTERIES.)

The House on the Rock is, as Roadside America says, "a claustrophobic shamble through darkened dens and hallways." There's an astounding amount of amazing stuff crammed in there. Some of my favorites:
  • vintage cruise ship menus, including one from 1861;
  • the three-story-tall whale-vs-octopus sculpture;
  • the mechanical music machines sprinkled throughout;
  • the huge carousel with no horses, only other animals;
  • and the gigantic, steampunkish machinery filling the Organ Room.
Photos coming soon, but there's absolutely no substitute for actually walking through the place. It reminded me of City Museum in a lot of ways. I'd love to go back there, too, and spend a lot more time than we did.

Tomorrow: the Wisconsin Dells. First priority is the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory (with the Mir space station module). If we have time and energy after that, we'll go check out Wizard Quest.




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