Saturday, July 12, 2008

I do not pick the mini-houses.

If I did pick the mini-houses, there would be a few changes. For one, all mini-houses would have beds a cat can comfortably sleep under.

This one has another of those boxes that fit under the bed and block almost all of the space. They always leave just enough for a cat to almost--but not quite--fit under comfortably. I like to sleep under the bed, so I do my best to alert my humans to the fact that I'm sleeping under the bed. I let my tail or one of my feet show. Or I make sure that I'm completely covered by a blanket. I even make sure to sleep in the same spot under the bed, once I find the best one.

Even so, the humans insist on stepping on me. We've been in several mini-houses with boxes instead of a proper space under the bed. I've been stepped on at each one. By now, you think the humans would have learned to look where they were walking. They apologize right after, but still...

They're stepping on me!

The first time I get stepped on at a new location, I can forgive it. But after that, it's just willful lack of concern for my well-being. And if that's not an insult, I don't know what is. It also occurs to me that even if I don't pick the mini-houses, the humans do.

I hope they're not insulting me on purpose, so I'm going to give them one last chance. I'll wait to see if they step on me again. If they do step on me before we leave this mini-house, I'm going to know it was an intentional insult.

A tip: don't offend a cat. We watch you while you sleep.

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