Sunday, July 6, 2008

Approaching Journey's End

Just saw today that the Star Trek attraction in Las Vegas is closing this September. I'm glad we'll be there in August for one last look.

Star Trek: The Experience, as it's called, has actually tracked my life in some strange ways: I first went there on its opening weekend in 1998, literally days after I had met my wife and fallen in love with her. In 2005, D and I spent half our honeymoon in Vegas and got assimilated by the Borg at least three times. (We recovered quickly.) And now, we're going to visit it one last time before it closes, during the final month of this road trip which marks the start of our new lives as professional writers.

My favorite part of the Experience has always been seeing how the actors switch roles throughout the day (one admission ticket is good for unlimited rides) and keep things interesting for themselves--making inside jokes, trying to crack each other up, varying their dialogue and actions just a little bit with each group that comes through. It reminds me a lot of our friend Acorn's annual Halloween haunted house, or the various community theater productions I've acted in.

I'm sure closing night on the Enterprise is going to be a blast.


P.S. Bonus points if you can identify the Star Trek episode referenced by the title of this post--without doing a web search!--and explain its relevance.



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