Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love chasing bugs and spiders. They're more fun than even my best toys. They run and move and hide and sometimes even fly! Catching and eating them is so much fun that I even let them go sometimes, just to make the fun last as long as I can.

Sometimes I let it go on too long. The humans always take away my bugs if they see them!

Bugs and spiders have been very scarce in the mini-houses. But not at this one! There are beetles that come in from outside. So far, two or three of them every day.

As usual, the humans took away the first two beetles I found. Even though I tried to be quiet about it, they caught me with the third one. I had to eat it really fast!

After that, I guess they got tired of taking beetles outside. They don't even try to take them away anymore. I get to play with my beetles as long as I want. I love this mini-house!

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