Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This new mini-house is very tall! I can see the roof below me when I look out the window. And I can also see all the way to the mountains far off in the distance. Up high like this, I usually get to see lots of interesting animals go by! But not this time. :(

The only moving things I see are cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, cars, the occasional human, cars, cars, cars, and more cars. It's very boring. No birds or animals at all. Not even dogs. There was smoke in the mountains for a while, but it's gone now.

I spent my whole day yesterday looking for toys when I wasn't sleeping, or trying to get the humans or Bayla to play. Finally I found a piece of broken rubber band. That was fun for a while! Until the humans took it away.

But they gave me a bouncy twist-tie ring instead! I love those. I chased it all night! It's not so much fun anymore. This morning, we played volleyball with a paper ball. And I got to chase a string. And my fur-mouse is out! And catnip! Lots of toys! I love toys!

I just wish there were some animals outside the window.

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