Thursday, August 7, 2008

Denvention 3, Day Two

Long day today. Arrived after 9am, and the kaffeeklatsch signups were already full for our preferred authors. (We ended up going to dinner during that time slot anyway.) Panels were hit-and-miss, as usual, but the Connie Willis reading was great fun. As were the touch-screen displays outside the meeting rooms in the Hyatt Regency.

We ate lunch while watching the unaired pilot for Heroes (actually a recut of the first three episodes with some additional footage). I'm wondering why they made the changes they did, because the original Matt Parkman storyline was much more closely connected with the other characters' threads, and it would have been interesting to see that develop.

After dinner, went to the gaming area and played Colossal Arena (we were invited to play the Serenity RPG, but didn't have that much time to kill), then stopped by the Viable Paradise party and met lots of folks from last year's workshop. Everyone says I'll love it, and also probably have some kind of emotional breakdown at some point. Um... yay? Thanks to Julia for organizing the shindig and providing the mead!

Finally, we got back to the Convention Center after 11pm, and couldn't find the 24-hour access door. Helpful employee Troy walked us in through the security office and gave us a mini-tour, complete with historical trivia, while leading the way back to the parking garage.

Tomorrow: More of the same (minus the parking garage issues), plus the Masquerade and the Making Light party.




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