Sunday, September 21, 2008

Almost Paradise

So here I am on Martha's Vineyard, waiting for Viable Paradise to officially begin. I met most of our instructors very informally last night, at an ostensible birthday party for staff member Kate's husband Ernie. I missed the guitar- and harmonica-playing because I was out on a grocery run (no Coke==cranky me), but I did later sit on the balcony and listen to the pros swap stories until after midnight.

I've still got four hours until the official meet-and-greet, and I'm debating whether I want to walk out to a beach while the sun's out. There's supposed to be some kind of nighttime jellyfish-viewing outing later in the week, but it might be nice to also see the scenery in daylight.

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Astute readers will note that I'm here by myself, and have left D and the cats in our new apartment a mere three days after moving in. (VP did graciously invite them along--and others have brought their families to the island--but we weren't about to schlep the cats across the country again, and we couldn't leave them all alone so soon after moving in.) She's always been very supportive of my crazy ideas.

If you thought she was cool for mocking up our new apartment in The Sims, check out the menu and shopping list she created for my VP trip. I love my wife.


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