Sunday, August 31, 2008

PAX08, Day 3

I'm a little bummed that I missed Felicia Day at Friday's concert, but at least I got to chat with her this morning. I'm not sure why she signed "LB" on my DVD of The Guild, but maybe it'll make sense after I've seen all of Season 1. (And yes, I know what it means in WoW.)

D and I got to the convention center just after 10:00 AM and went straight to the exhibit hall, so we could walk around before the crowds got too thick. She headed for a zombie board game demo while I stood in line for Felicia. After my squee moment, I translated the remainder of the anticlimactic runic riddles from banners hung around the convention center.

I spent the rest of the day in the main theatre, where I saw Family Feud, Gabe and Tycho's Q&A #2 (which had the best ending EVAR, thanks to the Bad Horse Chorus), the Dragon Age demo, and the Spore demo. We didn't feel like waiting another hour and a half in line to see the final round of the Omegathon, so we walked over to Lola and had a very nice early dinner.

During last night's drive back to our hotel, D and I briefly discussed how future PAXis* might handle the overcrowding issue. We didn't come up with any genius solutions, but we did note that waiting in line isn't as annoying when you're already toting a DS and prepared to spend hours lounging around with it anyway.

I think I want to stay at one of the nearby hotels for a future PAX--it's nice to bunk with K+B and their cats, as we have in the past, but I'd like to cut out the 20-minute commute and spend more time running around and playing games. Video games!


* As established at Friday's Penny Arcade Q&A #1, the proper collective term for all Penny Arcade Expo events is "PAXis of Evil."



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