Thursday, September 11, 2008


Our last two car trips have been horrible!

They weren't as long as some of the others, but Bayla was pretty upset about not going home when we were back in the bay area, and has recently decided that she's going to be carsick.

She threw up on me. TWICE! The first time I yelled and yelled, but the humans just ignored me.

I suppose you're going to say it's my own fault for crying wolf.

Well I wasn't crying wolf! I was crying VOMIT! It's a totally different meow. I can't help it if humans are completely tone-deaf. The second time, at least, they stopped the car and cleaned me up a little.

I've forgiven Bayla. She's old. Oooooooollllldddd. Like three times as old as me. I hope I don't get all crotchety and pukey when I'm that old.

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