Friday, April 18, 2008

What We Left Behind

This is as much for our own records as anything else:
  • Our Nintendo Wii is spending its summer vacation with Uncle Ken and Aunt Jerry.
  • Our electric piano was going to stay at Acorn's after the Midnight Madness Game, but Elena will get more use out of it.
  • Cary has a box to collect our P.O. Box mail.
  • Sean and Crissy have a bigger box for all our other mail, which we're forwarding to their address.
Everything except the piano can be mailed to us later, and Cary says he needs to drive up to retrieve one of his own keyboards from Portland anyway. We have great friends.

Dinner tonight: Microwave-made polenta with most of a can of tuna (the cats got the rest mixed with their wet food). Quick, easy, and filling after a long day of driving from San Jose to San Diego.




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