Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Defense of Crappy Video

Here's what D and I saw this afternoon at 5:02 PM EDT:

You no like shaky-cam? Hey, Zoic gets paid to create stuff like this. On purpose.

Seriously, though--you can view professional footage on NASA TV, but it's not what we saw from the causeway. It's not our experience of this absolutely amazing event. And that is important.

No recording could ever capture how shockingly bright the rocket flame was, or the feeling of the engines' rumble and the sonic boom, or the enormous shadows cast across the hazy sky by the 22-mile-high smoke trail. This video is not a reproduction of, or a substitute for, what we witnessed today--it's only a memento, to remind us that we were there, that we were both overcome with emotion at the sight of a human triumph.


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