Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunshine State

Not just the setting for a John Sayles movie or yet another election controversy, Florida is also our current road trip destination:

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The main reason we're here is the Space Shuttle launch on Saturday, but we're also taking the opportunity to visit Universal Studios and Disney World. D and I debated whether we should just skip Disney World, since we're only going to have one day there, but she felt it would be wrong to be in Orlando and not to go at all.

By the way, D's family reunion is not happening. It turns out that the sibling who has the timeshare in Asheville was waiting for his tax relief cheque, which he got, but then decided to spend it on a car and some furniture instead of a family trip out to North Carolina. At least he's doing something to help the economy, I guess.

It's also worth noting that D's Mom has been the one pushing for all these family visits, even though she has the fewest resources to actually make them happen. I suppose I should just be grateful that she's not more Machiavellian in her machinations.


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