Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Revised Itinerary

You've seen our route for the first seven weeks. I'm sure that was very exciting for you. Now, after a brief detour into Pennsylvania to see D's family, we are back on track for the rest of our trip. Please, hold your applause.

We won't hit every single state, and we've had to bend a few of our self-imposed road rules--in particular, the drive from Denver to Las Vegas is going to be brutal. Overall, though, we're pretty happy with what we've got planned for the next couple of months:
  • June 24-July 67: Washington, DC (+1 laziness)
  • July 78-12: Niagara Falls, NY
  • July 13-16: Cedar Point, OH
  • July 17-21: Madison, WI
  • July 22-25: Minneapolis, MN
  • July 26-August 1: Mount Rushmore and Badlands, SD
  • August 2-10: Denver, CO (Worldcon)
  • August 11-15: Las Vegas, NV (Coverville 500)
  • August 16-22: San Francisco Bay Area, CA (old home week)
  • August 23-26: Ashland, OR
  • August 27-September*: Seattle, WA (PAX)
If you're going to be in any of these places when we're there, and we haven't emailed you already, please drop us a line so we can meet up with you!


* Our dear friends Karin and Bryan are also in the Seattle area, so we'll visit with them until they get sick of us, then finally roll into Portland and start looking for a new home.

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