Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grammar Girl

We had a shorter drive than usual today, and arrived at the hotel around 5pm. Even after having to change rooms (due to a leaky ceiling and broken light fixture), we were unpacked and the cats were settled in by 6:30pm. That gave us plenty of time to make it into uptown Minneapolis for the Grammar Girl reading and book signing.

The reading itself was mostly Q&A, which is my favorite kind of author event. Not all authors are great public speakers, but they're all interesting people in some way, and interacting with an audience is usually the best way to draw them out. Many of the questions tonight gravitated toward etiquette--e.g., if and when to point out another person's errors. I guess grammar sticklers tend to like rules in general.

After the signing, D and I had a very nice dinner at Chiang Mai Thai (open until 1am every night! Why can't more restaurants be like that?). Here's how we plan to spend the rest of our time in the Twin Cities:

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