Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coverville 500 Loot

Clockwise from left:Not pictured: the Coverville 500 T-shirt which I also won in the drawing. Maybe I should have done some gambling after all...*

Brian Ibbott and company put on a great show Friday night, and I'm glad we were able to enjoy it with our friends Chris and Cherie (who got to dance with Richard Cheese and be a lesbian, respectively).

We also witnessed Jonathan Coulton being attacked by zombies. To be fair, he was kinda asking for it.

We're back in the bay area now, and Old Home Week starts tomorrow. Lots of friends to meet and catch up with before the final leg of our road trip!


* D and I had fully intended to gamble away the $4.58 of nickels, dimes, and pennies that we've been collecting all summer, but we couldn't find any casino slot machines that actually took coins. They've all been upgraded to only accept bills, casino club cards, or the machines' own bar code tickets (used for cashing out). Vegas just doesn't sound right without all that jangling and clinking metal--it was one of the few satisfying and unique things about playing the one-armed bandits. Now everything's electronic, and you know, if I want to play a damn video game, I have more interesting and less expensive options.

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