Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Home Week

It's almost over, and it's been great. Here's what we've been up to:
  • Sunday: breakfast at Hobee's with IdaRose and Neil; produce shopping at the Farmer's Market (where we ran into Dale and Linnsey); book shopping at the library (fantasy for D, comics for me); picnic in the park with Loren, Suzie, baby Luna, Sean, and Crissy (also bumped into Crystal and Peter); a crash course in hooping from Crissy; heirloom tomatoes for dinner.
  • Monday: dropped off Prius for 60,000 mile service; breakfast at Hobee's; picked up Prius; drove up to SF to meet Jeff and Marina in Union Square; lunch at Pasta Bene; shoe shopping for Marina's family; browsing and coffee at Borders (where The Richter Scales once performed); dinner with Raj and Aparna (delivery from Brandy Ho's).
  • Tuesday: lunch at Cascal with Kathy and Brian; cake, coffee, and reading at The Prolific Oven; dinner at Zibibbo with Chris.
  • Wednesday: D went to lunch and visited with former Abbott coworkers while CKL lazed about with cats; both visited Annie and baby Julia; big dinner at Buca di Beppo with Ken, Jerry, Carol, Corby, Elena, Acorn, Sean, Crissy, IdaRose, and Neil.
  • Thursday: tooth cleaning at the dentist; lunch at Google's new BigTable cafe with Larry, Rich, Chris, and Jim; dessert and reading at Marie Callender's; recording the new "Beautiful High" bass line at Jason's apartment, then partying ibidem with Richter Scales (Jason, Mark, Tom, Nils, Loren) et alii (Adam, Lisa, Amanda, Carrie)--much Rock Band was played and enjoyed.
And we've still got one whole day left! Tomorrow we meet Pauline for lunch at Jing Jing, get our mail from Karl, and have dinner with Carol at Thai Garden. At some point we'll need to do laundry and return our library books. Maybe have another breakfast at Hobee's before we leave on Saturday.




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