Friday, April 18, 2008

I do not know what is wrong with these people.

I mean, seriously. First they ran around for weeks stuffing everything in the house into cardboard boxes, and then they took all those boxes away. The empty house was pretty weird, but I could have lived with it. I like staying under the bed most of the time anyway.

But then they put us in this cage in the back room and took apart the bed, too. I should have known, right? I'd been suspicious of that thing ever since they brought it into the house a few weeks ago. It's very similar to the "playpen" they had in the other house, where they'd stick us every once in a while. I don't know why. Humans are weird.

So we're in the cage--and I admit, it was amusing to watch Jasper freak out and run around in circles--and we hear all these strange noises, and then they stick us in the bathroom while they do who knows what else, and finally they cram us into a bag and dump us into the car. At least they put us in that green canvas crate that I like. And there was a litter box. I did think about peeing on something, but they were making an effort.

Anyway, we spent a couple of days in a strange, dark room--kind of like a mini-house--that smelled like dust and all of those smelly liquids humans like to spray on things to remove dust. They kept us locked in the "playpen" most of the time, but let us out at night. I tried sleeping on the bed, which did have the nice fuzzy blanket from home, but I ended up going under the bed eventually. It's just nicer down there.

After they finished whatever they were busy doing outside the room, they packed us up again (a 90-minute ordeal, with us in the bathroom) and then we all sat in the car for what felt like hours. I mean, really. HOURS. And we must have traveled pretty far, because I smelled a lot of strange plants and animals. I am so glad I'm an indoor cat.

So now we're here in another mini-house. It's bigger than the last one, and not so dark, and it smells more like cats than the last one. Jasper likes sitting on top of the playpen and looking out the windows. I like hiding under the bed. I hope we get to stay here more than a few days before we're relocated again, but I'm not optimistic.



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