Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The humans take us to a lot of different mini-houses. We always get there by taking a long, boring driving trip. This is usually how it goes:

The humans pack up all our stuff. Bayla hides under the bed. Once everything is in piles on the bed, the humans take half of it away. The mini-house isn't a familiar home anymore when that happens. It gets scary! So I go hide under the bed with Bayla.

After a while, the humans crawl under the bed and grab us. We both get stuffed into a tiny carrier! Bayla yells for freedom, but the humans don't let us out.

They carry us outside. It's hot! We go into the car and she puts us into the cloth tent with our litter box. Bayla always gets in on her own. I don't like the tent, so I always have to be pushed in.

Then we drive. I look out the window. After I'm tired of looking out the window, I tell the humans that I'm bored. They ignore me! Bayla and I take a nap. I wake up and look out the window again. I remind the humans that I'm bored. They ignore me. They just drive and drive and drive! It's so boring.

When we finish driving, the humans stuff us back into the tiny carrier. I want to see the new mini-house, so I get in on my own. Bayla has to be dragged. Then the humans lock us in the bathroom while we yell to be let out.

Eventually, we get to explore a new mini-house. It has all our stuff, so it's okay. The view out this window is great too! Last time, I saw humans swimming. This time, I can see for a long distance... birds and parks and cars and humans and even a dog!

But I still hate driving! It's too boring.

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At June 27, 2008 at 4:02 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

when cats drive, the consequences are hilarious


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