Friday, April 18, 2008

Playpen Redux

We arrived in San Diego last night, and both cats were much more perky than at our first hotel stop. The Feliway we sprayed all over the room may have helped. This is them last night, waiting while we unloaded and unpacked all our luggage (a good 45 minutes of huffing and puffing):



We just managed to coax Bayla out from under the bed (she was down there all day), and she's now joined Jasper in checking out the sights. We're on the third floor of this Residence Inn, and Jasper has enjoyed looking out the window ("cat TV") all day long. Bayla just likes sniffing around inside the suite and rubbing her face on various things.

Dinner tonight: After a Trader Joe's run for supplies, D cooked up some gnocchi in marinara sauce with red and orange bell peppers, chicken & turkey sausage, red onion, and herbed goat cheese on top. And now we have leftovers!


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