Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sick Days

D and I will be the first to admit that we're not the most physically fit people in the world. This week, our respective ailments caught up with us: for me, it was "tummy trouble," the gastrointestinal distress which afflicts me a few times each year (we've never identified a specific cause, but a few days on liquids and soft foods and I'm okay); for D, it was her recurring migraine condition (no painful headaches, mostly balance issues and tiredness).

Ironically, she started feeling bad on Wednesday, then got better when I was laid up for the next few days--perhaps because sitting around nursing me back to health is not a strenuous activity--and today, when I was finally ready to go walk around DC, she got dizzy again. So we're spending a lazy Sunday indoors until we meet my old friend Tony and his wife for an early dinner.

So, yes, we are totally lame, because it's now our fifth day in the DC area and we haven't actually been to DC yet. But that's okay, for a few reasons:
  1. We used Marriott Rewards points for this stay, so it's essentially a free room. (w00t!)
  2. We've still got another full week here, which should be plenty of time to see the sights. Plus we can always extend our stay if we want--our schedule is still pretty malleable.
  3. Up to this point, we've both been quite healthy--to wit, our recurring maladies have been recurring much less frequently than we're used to. Perhaps they were stress-related, and that's alleviated now that we're footloose and fancy-free? Discuss.
To that last point, I blame our current convalescence on the recent COBRA fiasco, which had us both fuming for a few days. But we've got a whole month to deal with that, and the aforementioned Tony--who is a healthcare regulatory attorney--has given us some good advice on other insurance options.

Oh yeah, speaking of the mail, that lost Priority Mail finally showed up. In the words of our friend Karl:
It turns out we hit the 13 ounce rule, one of those brilliant post-9/11 feats of bureaucratic incompetence. Since it's impossible to blow someone up with less than 13 ounces of explosives, anything over that must be accepted by a human. Apparently the sweet little old Filipina ladies behind the counter are even better trained at explosives detection than the TSA. Or maybe they figure we'd just feel too guilty to hand them a bomb. Since it went in the slot, they couldn't deliver it. I guess we're lucky they didn't detonate it as a precaution.
So that's the good news. We're looking forward to Peking Duck tonight and fun in the nation's capital all week!


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