Sunday, June 29, 2008

I like it when the humans are sick.

When the humans are sick, several good things happen. For one, they stay in the mini-house and keep us company. Jasper's pretty nice for cuddling, but nothing really beats a big human body on the bed. There's plenty to snuggle up against, and--when they aren't sleeping--they'll even reach out and give pets every now and then.

The humans usually make sure that we have lots and lots of food before they climb into bed. I'm guessing this is just in case they sleep for a long time. Whatever the reason, it's nice to have as much as we care to eat in the bowl.

I could go on with the benefits, but I think I'll wrap up with just one more: When the humans are sick, they don't let anyone else into the room. Knowing that our territory isn't going to be invaded by a strange human is maybe the best of all.

The humans have been sick almost since we got here. I think this is my favorite mini-house ever.

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